Every is used by thousands of schools across the country each day. Our system has been flexible to accommodate to each school’s contrasting needs, and this is reflected in the feedback our customers give us. In order to provide our customers with a flawless experience every time, we make a conscious effort to listen to how our system has benefited them. We spoke to Sarah, a School Business and Education Manager at Fuel Education, for an insight into her experience with using Every.​

The challenge

The main obstacles Sarah faced before using Every was that the school was depending on a paper-based system to record things such as staff acknowledging and signing documents. Sarah was finding this process time consuming and unclear finding out whether all staff were up to date on their documents, especially as not all staff are always working the same shifts.

As well as this process being tedious, Sarah and her colleagues were finding that having a paper-based system as opposed to a digital one meant that inevitably, important information was going to go missing or get damaged. This is where Every came in.

Solving the problem

With Every, we provide a central system that enables you to monitor and record numerous documents, policies and contracts, with the ability to automate upcoming and overdue notifications to staff.

‘We used some time before getting the system playing around with it and getting everything into it. We then distributed everything via the system to the staff at the end of August’

What difference has Every made to Fuel Education?

‘It saves a lot of admin time. It provides a function where it’s easy to send reminders and check who you need to chase for things.’

Sarah found that it helped to gradually role the system out to different members of staff rather than all at once, as taking the time to introduce the system to different staff members meant that it gave Sarah more time to understand the system herself and get to grips with the extensive range of features available.

‘Over the summer period we had some time to get all the policies uploaded onto the system and with the compliance element, everyone has to sign to say that they have read certain documents. This was last done at the beginning of the previous academic year on paper, so instead of having to redo all of the compliance documents on paper we just decided to wait a bit longer so we could do it fresh for the new academic year’

Since implementing Every

Following the success of the Business Management module over the past year, Fuel Education have since gone on to implement the Asset Management and Documents and Policies modules, both of which are designed to seamlessly integrate with one another.

Sarah has since started using the system for risk assessments, COSHH assessments, policies and templates, and she is planning to upload meeting minutes over the coming weeks too.

Now being able to efficiently evidence compliance and manage their documents, Sarah feels that the system has helped their school significantly overall.

How we can help you

Our system is fully adaptable and aims to make your life easier by keeping everything you need in one place. If you find that you are struggling to manage your compliance requirements, or if you are just wanting a system that can centralise all your contracts, documents and tasks, then Every is the perfect solution for you.