Condition Management

Build a capital programme based on data for strategic planning.

“I’ve used different estate property systems over my career.

This system stands above with the information, structure, simplicity and assurance that it provides.

The aftercare support from the Every® team is superb.”


Academy Transformation Trust

Central condition management

Access an overview of the condition of all sites and assets across your organisation from a single dashboard.

Drill-down function

Look into the details of the condition of specific site locations and assets to identify priority areas for maintenance, replacement, or funding.

Strengthened funding applications

Generate reports that provide evidence to support bids and funding applications, like the CIF, and determine where past and future funding has been/should be allocated.

Trend analysis

Use condition data and analytics to demonstrate the impact of capital investments on the state of site and asset condition.

Informed capital programmes

Build a capital programme based on condition data to support better space, capacity, and growth planning.

Condition grade summary

View a MAT-level roll-up of the Ds & Cs and 1s & 2s in your organisation to support the prioritisation of repairs.

“Working with the Every® team has been a pleasure!

They get what we are looking for quickly and are happy to help and guide us through the process as we populate our data.”


Stamford Endowed Schools

Key Module Benefits

Ready to transform how you manage condition across your school or trust? Find out how our system can help!

Our Compliance Software is modular.

That means you can start with 1 or 2 modules and grow into the system as your school or trust’s needs evolve.

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