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A leading provider of compliance and HR management solutions for the education sector. Software to make your working life simpler.

About Every®

Every® is dedicated to making your day job more manageable through easy to use, practical software and professional support. We’re about empowering better decision making for more efficient ways of working.

Our core values of simplicity, flexibility, and scalability in the development of our software means that organisations of any size will benefit from their use of Every®, from the smallest charities to the largest multi-academy trusts.

What we do


We use our digital expertise and knowledge to produce software that reflects the nuances of the education sector. User-ease is at the forefront of all decisions, supporting our vision of streamlining processes within schools and trusts.

Practice what we preach

From tracking our own assets to logging our very own staff absences, we record all of our HR and compliance activities on Every® to help us continuously monitor and improve user-experience.

Encourage collaboration

Every® firmly believes in promoting and celebrating collaboration within the education sector. We regularly host webinars and training days to give you opportunities to network with fellow professionals and share best practice on how EdTech can help to solve current and future issues.

Why Every®?

We love what we do! 

We’re a UK-based development team full of passionate people who strive to help customers get the best from their Every® software to make their jobs that little bit easier. 

We’re exceptionally proud of the strong relationships we have developed with our customer base over the years, and we’re determined to keep these at the forefront of what we do. 

Contributions from our users are integral to ensuring we’re always catering our software to the nuances of the education sector to streamline processes and improve time-efficiencies.

Despite how proud (and critical!) we are of our software, we understand that it’s simply a means to an end. 

The real satisfaction we get is when customers tell us what a positive effect Every® has had on their organisation and colleagues. 

Who uses Every®?

What we're part of

At the end of 2021, we joined the IRIS family!

In line with their vision to strengthen critical services in schools and MATs, our software seamlessly integrates with an array of IRIS solutions to provide the most end-to-end HR and compliance management systems on offer to the education sector.

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