Business Management

A simple system to report complex compliance activities and achieve consistency across multiple sites.

“I would recommend Every® to manage compliance in your school – it allows you to feel in control of compliance and make related decisions based on strong evidence of need.

The system is user-friendly and flexes to our needs. And the support is fantastic as well!”



Centralised compliance

The interactive dashboard shows the status of compliance activities in one place, complete with a compliance calendar that makes it hard to miss important tasks.

Budget visibility

Increase your visibility over compliance activities and the status of service providers at each site, helping you to pinpoint where funding needs directing.

Compliance consistency

Set, monitor, and adjust standards and processes across you entire trust or individual sites for consistency.

Supports funding

Access monetary data relating to site-wide compliance to support the population of funding applications, like the CIF.

Help Desk

From one central place, view the status of reactive and requested work at your school sites to support maintenance prioritisation.

Contract & contractor management

Store all contract details in the contract register, then review contract extensions, renewals, and cancellations to ensure your school or trust is getting the most cost-effective services and products.

“The move to Every® was simple and offered us a very

user-focused, simplistic system

that covers all of our needs.”


Stamford Endowed Schools

Key Module Benefits

Transform how you manage compliance in your organisation with centralised business management.

Our Compliance Software is modular.

That means you can start with 1 or 2 modules and grow into the system as your school or trust’s needs evolve.

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