Our Asset Services

Browse the full range of services we have available to make the process of auditing your assets simple.

Full Asset Audit

During an asset audit, a team of trained auditors will come onsite to collect, format and import a log of all your assets. Our audit will capture all non-fixed assets over the price of £50, or as specified by you. This register will be compiled for you and will allow you to have a full overview of all assets within your trust or school that you can report on for audit purposes.

Audit Training

This service includes a pre-training set-up call to implement the basic setup needed before the audit takes place. You will receive one onsite day with our auditors to show you how to audit and what to do when uploading your audit data. This will be a hands-on training session for up to six people.

Audit Top-Up

Over time an asset register can become out of date, so we offer an audit top-up which involves an onsite visit where any new/untagged assets purchased by the school are recorded. We also include a refresher training session on best practice as well as using the Asset Management module (including using the mobile app).


During a re-audit, our team audit what assets are onsite and where they are located, while also tagging and adding any missed/new assets. There will also be a training session on how to report using Every and how to use the mobile app