Payroll Integration

Integrate Every HR with your Payroll process* for accurate and streamlined pay activities across your school or MAT.

*Either via API with Dataplan Education or file transfer with other Payroll providers.

“As a company, Every® have really

supported our individual trust needs

and gone above and beyond which has been hugely appreciated.

Can’t wait to get started with Dataplan and the integrated Payroll.”

Veritas MAT

Reduced errors, improved accuracy

Only enter employee data once into Every HR and watch it automatically transfer to Payroll, lowering the risk of errors from double-keying the same information.

Central distribution

Automated upload of correctly formatted payslips to our Self-Service Employee Portal for efficient and timely distribution.

Single source of truth

Collate key employee data (like absences and contractual changes) in Every HR, then use automated export tools to provide this information to your chosen Payroll provider.

Consistent employee information

Changes to an employee's data in Every HR can be approved and queried for Payroll actions.

Fewer staff queries

Users access their HR information and pay records using the same login details, reducing the number of manual and time-consuming administrative tasks (like resetting passwords or resending historic payslips).

Single record of pay and expenses

Employees can view current and historic payslips, access P60s, and submit time and expense claims in a single, central place.

“We are looking forward to

Payroll integration!”

The Grammar School at Leeds

Key Module Benefits

What would an end-to-end Payroll and HR process bring to your school or trust?

“The team are doing a great job in the

continued development of the system

and every day we are using it in a different way to

improve the way our schools operate.

Keep up the great work – we love it.”


Transforming Lives Educational Trust

Our HR software is modular.

That means you can start with 1 or 2 modules and grow into the system as your school or trust’s needs evolve.

Take a look at some of the other modules available in Every HR!