Incident Reporting

Helping you to simplify and improve procedures for reporting incidents and accidents in your school or trust.

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Organisation-wide incident records

Manage and view your organisation's incidents by day, type, and severity, before using the drill-down function to look at the finer details.

Frees up time

Our Incident Reporting module is in line with DfE and Ofsted requirements and can assist with RIDDOR submissions, lessening the time you spend on administration.

One central incident log

Log, report, and access incidents in one central place, and upload supporting information to an incident’s file (like a follow-up risk assessment).

Proactive incident management

View trends in recorded incidents for more effective pre-empting and intervening, helping reduce the chance of more significant events occurring.

Task assignment

Assign incident tasks and actions to users, then track progress to lessen the likelihood of incidents repeating.

Clear incident audit trail

Access comprehensive audit trails for the history of incidents which can also act as evidence in case of further investigation.

“Every® is a great tool for

managing the workload effectively

in school.”


Osborne Primary School

Key Module Benefits

How could Every Compliance centralise and streamline your school’s incident reporting activities? 

Our Compliance Software is modular.

That means you can start with 1 or 2 modules and grow into the system as your school or trust’s needs evolve.

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