Absence Management

Host all absence information centrally,
for insight that promotes attendance.

“Monitoring staff absences has been instrumental in improving attendance, applying wellbeing measures to those that need it, and just having a better overall picture of the situation so that we are not having to be so reactive.”


St Augustine’s C of E Junior School

Real-time information

Stream data from the central calendar for real-time information on employee absences to support decisions relating to supply cover.

Identify trends

Generate non-attendance and leave trend graphs to produce detailed reports that help proactive attendance management.

Reduce admin

Employees submit leave requests electronically that can be quickly approved or denied by managers, reducing the back and forth of emails!

Automated alerts

Customise notifications when certain types of absence are recorded, allowing for timely intervention.

Accurate absence picture

Use filters to drill-down absences by factors like school, type, duration, and department to build a picture of attendance.

Informed budgeting

Ensure long-term absences are properly forecast in school budgets.

“The absence module is great and allows for an

easy view of what school staff attendance looks like.

The system is built to mirror our policy so reinforces our school approach to managing attendance.

Line managers feel more empowered

and the system allows us to have meaningful MI to share with senior leaders.”


The Grammar School at Leeds

Key Module Benefits

How could you turn absence into attendance?

“Being able to

customise the trigger levels

is very helpful. It helps to know where and when cover is needed.”


St Winefride’s Catholic Primary School

Our HR software is modular.

That means you can start with 1 or 2 modules and grow into the system as your school or trust’s needs evolve.

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