Every is used by thousands of schools every day. From speaking with our customers, we have found that every school adapts the system to meet their unique goals and requirements. We’re always looking to show you new and innovative ways others use the system to give you ideas on how your school can benefit.

With that in mind, here is Sherborne Girls’ success story...

The challenge

Sherborne Girls’ compliance and asset management were being looked after through out-of-date spreadsheets when they came across Every.

They were struggling to maintain consistency of their information, with contractor’s compliance data expiring and forcing them to allocate more resources towards those tasks.

The main difficulty faced by Tim Farr, the school’s Director of IT Services, was keeping track of what assets they had.

“We would keep everything on an excel spreadsheet. It wasn’t ideal; we’d struggle to keep up with what we had and then every couple of years we would have to do a full audit to check everything was up to date.”

It was only when Tim and Andy Blocke, the school’s Deputy Bursar, met Every at the South East Schools Business Network Conference in 2016 that they saw a solution…

Solving the problem

We introduced Tim to our Asset Management system, which helps schools to move away from cumbersome spreadsheets.

New tagged assets are simply scanned using a smartphone or tablet, and they are added straight into the asset management system, “we just scan the tag and you know about it straight away.”

Every’s Asset Management dashboard shows key information including upcoming replacements, asset counts and values.

Every’s all-encompassing system also offered a solution to Andy’s compliance troubles. The Activities feature within Business Management logs and tracks regular compliance tasks, and he can easily view when a contractor’s data is ready to be renewed.

“We needed to consolidate and have one solution that does it all, and Every does everything we need.”

What difference has it made to Sherborne Girls?

For Tim “joining Every meant we could get rid of our various existing systems, get rid of our old out-of-date spreadsheet, our old ticketing system, and bring everything under one roof.”

Having all their compliance and asset management within one system means Tim and Andy can focus on the other aspects of their busy roles, safe in the knowledge that Every has it all covered.

“To sum Every up: Simple. Effective. Useful”

Since implementing Every…

Following the success of their implementation, Sherborne Girls has now been part of Every for two years.

Sherborne Girls’ Deputy Bursar, Andy, has continued to find useful features within Every’s compliance management system: “The way that Asset Management works with Activities was a real bonus for us. For example, fire safety checking – we can now label an asset such as a fire extinguisher, and we can give it a location and then associate an activity to check it. And the app works well with that format.

It’s digitised some of our paper processes, it’s more consistent and I don’t have to go around making sure that checks have been done, I can just look on the system and it’s shown clearly.”

How we can help you…

Whether you’ve had enough of losing track of your compliance or your assets, Every can help. The system is so simple and easy to use, that all staff can get involved.

If you want to get organised, with everything in one place and a dedicated dashboard that provides you with transparency across all your key activities, get in touch with us today – we’re ready to answer any questions you may have.