Asset Management

For visibility over the condition, value, and movements of assets around your school or MAT.

“What I like about Asset Management is how I can click a button and see the value of the whole school estate.

I can easily print this report off for activities like Governors’ meetings. It also supports our returns to Companies House, giving us an accurate list of our assets with up-to-date amounts.”


Light Hall School

Enhanced visibility

View asset status, replacement programmes, and movements around and between sites in your school or MAT.

Clear asset audit trail

Access a comprehensive audit trail for tracking the history of an asset, and quickly generate reports for depreciation, disposal, additions, and renewals.

Ease of use

Import existing asset information into Every® via a spreadsheet or add this through our handy smartphone app.

Asset assignment

Assign individual assets to individuals in your organisation, minimising loss or theft and promoting their safe return if someone leaves or moves sites.

Proactive budgeting

Evidence appropriate use of funding and access real-time data on upcoming asset maintenance to support more accurate budgeting for future replacements.

Academy Handbook compliant

Our Asset Management module doubles as your digital asset register, a requirement of the Academy Handbook.

“The move to Every® was simple and offered us a very

user-focused, simplistic system

that covers all of our needs.”


Stamford Endowed Schools

Key Module Benefits

Achieve effective asset management in your school or academy!

Our Compliance Software is modular.

That means you can start with 1 or 2 modules and grow into the system as your school or trust’s needs evolve.

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