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Our webinars are designed to address current challenges faced by schools and trusts. We also run webinars to support users of our HR and compliance management systems to get the most from their Every By IRIS software!

Take a look to find out what we’ll be focussing on over the next few weeks. 

Why absence management needs to shift to attendance management

In 2021/22, over 3.2 million working days were lost to staff absences in schools.

When an absence is recorded, it’s easy to go into autopilot – you focus on getting cover sorted ASAP and then update your MIS. But does this make you feel like you’re actually in control of absences in your school?

We’re big believers that there’s so much more to gain from staff attendance data, and we’ll show you why on this webinar!

Learn how to:

1. Record attendance in a way that helps you get to the root cause of absences and encourage attendance
2. Spot patterns in absence and understand data about long-term sickness to make early interventions that support staff wellbeing
3. Gain a better sense of control over staff attendance in your organisation

How to take a strategic approach to risk management in your school or MAT

HSE Education statistics for 2022 tell us that around 2.5 million working days are lost every year due to work-related illness and injury.

From staff health and wellbeing through to operational losses (like time, resource, and cost), the impact of workplace accidents can be rather significant.

Join us for a 60 minute session that looks at the fundamentals of strategic risk management in schools!

We’ll be covering:

1. How to identify, record, and compare key risks across your entire organisation
2. Why shifting to manage the risk, not the register, promotes better risk management
3. The lessons that can be learnt from having access to audit trails of risks in your school

How to answer common questions from governing boards about GEMS

Ensuring school estates are safe and well-maintained is one of the key responsibilities of your school or trust’s board.

Naturally, this can mean site teams are on the receiving end of a lot of questions (not to mention pressure) to make sure buildings and land are in tip-top condition.

Join us for a webinar that looks at GEMS in action, and what it takes to confidently evidence to your board that:

1. Your estate is being managed effectively and meets the fundamentals of GEMS
2. The appropriate policies and processes for site maintenance are in place, understood, and followed
3. You truly understand the condition of all sites and buildings in your care to know where to prioritise funds/funding applications

Did you know that Every HR and Every Compliance are modular systems?

That means you can start with 1 or 2 modules and grow into the system as your school or trust’s needs evolve.

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