Whether you’re new to Every or you’re an existing customer, we’ve got a wide range of webinars designed to help you better understand, and get the most out of, our HR and compliance software! 

Find out what’s on below. 

27th Jan

Human Resources

How to Effectively Manage a Spike in Staff Absences

Whether due to Covid-19 illness or isolation, or seasonal coughs and colds, the staff absence crisis in the education sector is rife. 

We can’t stop your staff from falling ill. But, we can empower you with the tools you need to better monitor and manage your staff shortages!

Join Adam Watson to discover how Every®‘s HR software is helping to ease some of the pressure faced by HR teams as they navigate increased staff shortages. 

9th Feb

Human Resources

What Does a Streamlined Recruitment Process Look Like?

HR teams, this is not one to miss!

How are you managing recruitment in your school or MAT? What works well, and what doesn’t work so well? How can software aid your recruitment process, from documenting live posts to streamlining on-boarding?

These are just some of the questions Adam will be discussing and answering during this next webinar. 

11th Feb


An Introduction to Our Compliance Software

Compliance officers, this one’s for you!

Join Adam Watson for a virtual talk- and walk-through of everything Every® Compliance!

Get an exclusive look and feel of our platform as Adam demonstrates its features in action. Find out how our compliance software works with you to streamline all of your school/trust’s compliance tasks, from business management right through to incident reporting.

16th Feb

Human Resources

Transform Your CPD and Training Management

To follow our recent webinar that focussed on recruitment, we’re continuing the on-boarding journey during this session dedicated to CPD and training.

You’ve successfully recruited new staff members. But what happens next?

How advantageous is a system that can incorporate all stages of professional development? What does efficient management of training look like? How much visibility do you have over your employees’ career progression?

Reserve your place on this webinar to find out!



How Does Your School Implement New Systems?

Getting the idea of a systematic change across the line is only the first hurdle. The second is its implementation. When done correctly, your school/trust will be singing its praises from the rooftops. But when implementation doesn’t go so smoothly, the effects can be disastrous.

Whether you’re thinking about getting, or you’ve just got, a new system, process, or software, join Adam as he explores the common challenges schools/trusts face when distributing something ‘new’, as well as how best these issues can be overcome.



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