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Human Resources

How Does the Right Payroll Platform Help Make HR Holistic?

Join our Director, Adam Waston, for a conversation with Ian Davidson, Senior Commercial Manager at Dataplan!

They’ll be talking about the importance of Schools and Trusts having HR systems that work in sync (not against) each other, and how this structure helps to provide a single source of truth for all HR activities.

Adam and Ian will also showcase how integrating a payroll service specialist to the education sector with your current HR management system works to:

  • Ensure pay is accurate and on-time
  • Streamline employee management and keep information up-to-date
  • Reflect any changing legislation and uphold compliance
  • Reduce the chance of human error and communication breakdown across payroll and HR teams

Human Resources

The Countdown to Census Day Has Begun – Are You Ready?

It’s almost that time of year again – the School Workforce Census is back! Submissions open on Thursday 3rd November, with Friday 2nd December the deadline for data entry.

So, what can you be doing NOW to ensure you’re prepared for one of the busiest times of the HR year? Join this webinar to find out!

We’ll be discussing things like:

  • The benefits of carrying out a Census dummy run
  • Best practice for ensuring your Census data is free of gaps
  • How to keep employee data accurate now, and year-round

And we’ll also be touching on the importance of putting processes into place NOW to future-proof data entry for other large-scale tasks like the WFC, in line with ideas set out in the Government’s ‘Opportunity for all’ whitepaper.

Human Resources

Harpur VS Brazel – What do Schools Need to Know?

The Supreme Court has handed down a landmark ruling in the long-running case of Harpur Trust VS Brazel, a significant decision that will mean that thousands of term-time workers have been underpaid and could now bring claims going back up to two years.

So, what are the implications of the decision for Schools and Trusts? Join Director Adam Watson as he discusses:

  • What organisations need to know and understand about the ruling
  • How this changes the management of casual workers, like exam invigilators, moving forwards
  • Keeping casual staff on payroll VS off-boarding and reinstating when necessary – which is the better tact, and why?
  • Why getting casual pay right is important, and the pricey implications of getting it wrong
  • How the features of Every HR’s new Expenses and Additional Hours module help you to manage pay of any casual workers at your School or Trust