We’re so happy that we can finally share that our new payroll solution is live! Every Payroll By IRIS is the education sector’s newest specialist payroll software. We’ve developed it to remove the hassle that running school payroll in-house often brings. And of course, it’s got our key aim of making your working day simpler at its core.

Keep reading to find out all the bells and whistles that make Every Payroll what it is, and how you can get started!

Why did we develop Every Payroll? 

We know that running payroll is complex at the best of times, but even more so when it comes to the nuances of education. From having to manually work around things like multiple post calculations to the sheer amount of time that can get eaten up by questions on pension scheme deductions, there’s a lot of fiddly bits that go into making school payroll a success.

Since we started back in 2010, Every’s existed to provide user-friendly compliance management and HR solutions that make central team tasks slicker, faster, more error-free. And we thought it was about time that payroll got its makeover, too! 

What can Every Payroll do?

Like our compliance and HR management solutions, Every Payroll has been designed specifically for schools and MATs. Rather than having to pull pension contribution information from one system and calculate additional hours pay in another, Every Payroll is the place where you can run all your payroll tasks with ease. Think:

  • Multiple posts with the appropriate T&Cs
  • Retrospective pay increases that are automatically calculated
  • A built-in HMRC Data Provisioning Service link that pulls in student loan information and tax code changes
  • Teacher and local government pension scheme reporting (like the MCR)
  • Payslips that are generated automatically and sent directly to employees

And that’s just scratching the surface!

More accuracy, fewer errors

With Every Payroll, you’re in control. We know that all schools and MATs run slightly differently, so why should your payroll be any different? You can add, remove, and tweak controls within Every Payroll to suit the needs of your organisation. For MATs running numerous payrolls, this could be adding manual approvals to certain steps, or customising reporting for each academy in your trust.

You’ll know as well as we do that errors in payroll are costly – and not just to your staff. No one wants to be the one to make an incorrect tax submission! With Every Payroll, all calculations are automated, supporting you to make a payroll run with fewer errors and more reliability.

What’s more, you can add another level of accuracy with the lockdown feature for when payroll has been cut off. That’s peace of mind and compliance at your fingertips!

Customisable payroll reporting

Snazzy and tailored features are all well and good, but we also know you still need the basics! Like reporting – sieving through multiple spreadsheets and digital systems to try and work out what’s caused this month’s ‘random’ spike in payroll costs can be a bit of a headache. So before you while away the hours trying to piece the puzzle together, let Every Payroll do it for you.

Key information can be united in a single report that is accessed and displayed within the system. It’s up to you to choose what you need to report to show. It might be a top-level overview of payroll costs across your entire school or trust. Or you could be wanting to drill-down into the detail of your most recent FPS (Full Payment Submission) to help you flag something that spot trends doesn’t look quite right. We mean it when we say it’s here to make your working day simpler!

Pensions contributions and reporting

Which pension scheme(s) is used in your school or trust? We know there’s a few to choose from, like:

  • The Teachers’ Pension Scheme
  • Local Government Pension Schemes
  • Major occupational schemes, like NEST

Imagine if their pension tier information automatically downloaded into your in-house payroll system? No need to imagine – that’s exactly what Every Payroll does! Get clarity over who’s enrolled onto which scheme, then automate calculations at post-level to make sure the right contributions are made every month.

School payroll: To run in-house or outsource? 

If you’re a smaller trust or standalone school liking the sound of Every Payroll, but without the resources that running payroll in-house needs, we’ve got you covered. Dataplan Education By IRIS is our outsourced solution, providing you with fully-managed payroll and pensions, complete with similar bells and whistles as Every Payroll!

Payroll and HR that works together 

Whether you’re already using our school HR software, Every HR, to look after all your people-management activities or you’ve got a different system on the go, we’ve got some good news to end on. As important as it is for staff to understand their pay and pension details, it’s just as important that your HR and payroll systems understand each other, too. 

We’ve made sure that both Every Payroll by IRIS and Dataplan Education integrate with Every HR (and other HR solutions) to make the people management side of things even more effective!

Any changes you make to staff information in Every HR are always reflected in your payroll run. That means you’ll:

  • Spend less time spent entering staff data into multiple systems (how could this now be better spent?)
  • Reduce the risk of entering or duplicating erroneous data
  • Pave the way to more accurate staff and payroll information

How’s that for making your working day simpler?

See how we can ease in-house or outsourced payroll for your MAT or school by speaking to our team!