For many people, the COVID-19 pandemic has made us rethink and modify the way we work, and perhaps even consider how we can streamline our workflow. Being able to develop and adapt to our customers’ needs is what sets Every apart from others in the industry. To create a system that meets the demands of the education sector, we believe it is important to communicate with the very people who will be using it. With that in mind, here is Nick Doy’s story…

For Nick, who works as the Head of Data Quality at Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust, the development of Every’s new HR software offered a chance to be a voice in creating a tool that is a benefit to schools and trusts alike. Initially looking for just a performance management system, Nick realised that for the same cost as just that one system, Every could also offer them a solution to all of the other problems the Trust was facing that had been put on the backbench.

Nick was brought in to a group of HR Champions, who have all put forward their thoughts and ideas on what Every HR needs to offer to be beneficial for the education sector:

“The primary purpose of our meetings was to put ideas forward and specify what our priorities were. For us, performance management was our main need, and that is why that module was developed sooner rather than later down the line. We also made it clear that having a single central record functionality would be useful.

As we go further down the line, further into our journey, I’m hopeful that the dialogue between Every and Nicholas Postgate will continue to be as fruitful as it has been up to this point. It has felt more like a conversation rather than a nameless request, and I believe it has helped to create a really strong product.”

Looking further down the line, Nick sees Every HR as being key in helping to standardise HR management across the 26 academies included within the trust.

“The endpoint will be to have centralised understanding and control of an end to end HR process, and for us, in the first instance that means we can access each site’s information wherever we are.”

With Every’s cloud-based HR software, you can build a consistent approach to managing HR across your organisation. From gathering employee information and ensuring you have a comprehensive single central record, to approving and monitoring absences, you can set standards that can be carried across multiple sites.

If you are interested in becoming a HR Champion and working with Every in the development of its HR software, please contact [email protected].

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