Our presentation at EdExec Live South in September 2021 prompted Business Manager, Clare Skinner, to approach us in April 2022. She wanted to find out how Every Compliance could streamline compliance management processes within Kings Norton Girls’ School and Sixth Form

They say that the rest is history – two months after the implementation of Every Compliance, we’re delighted to report that Clare is already experiencing the benefits of having all compliance management tasks and activities in one central place. Read on for all the details!

What was the reason your organisation decided to implement Every Compliance?  

To improve tracking and monitoring of siterelated matters and compliance in our school. 

What were the main challenges with compliance processes in your School/Trust that you were looking to find solutions for?   

Our processes were effective but paper-based; therefore, they appeared unnecessarily onerous to staff. 

How is Every Compliance helping you to overcome these challenges?

Paper records have been significantly reduced on implementation and will be almost removed. Documents are centralised for access by relevant team members and the actions taken are more auditable by leadership and governance in school. 

Please describe how you found the implementation of Every Compliance! 

Great! The project collaboration tool was really useful and the weekly meetings with Kitty (our Implementation specialist) were perfect to keep me on track with what needed to happen so that I could meet my self-imposed timescale for implementation and roll-out. 

What have been the most significant benefits of using Every Compliance so far?  

I feel much more in control of compliance and am able to better monitor issues in school. In turn, this will help decision-making around priorities using an effective, evidence-based approach. 

What is the level of support like from the our customer service team?  

Fabulous! I felt very supported throughout planning and implementation and know that there is support available should any user need it now that the system is live in school. 

In three words only, how would you describe Every® (as a whole) to another School/Trust?  

Powerful, reassuring, and accessible. 

A few final words that sum up your Every® experience so far? 

I would recommend Every® to manage compliance in your school; the tailored modules mean that you can build it at your own pace and in line with your school’s priorities. 

It allows you to feel in control of compliance and make related decisions based on strong evidence of need. The system is user-friendly and flexes to our needs. And the support is fantastic as well – special thanks to Ben and Kitty! 

Many thanks to Clare for taking the time to provide us with such a positive insight as to how Every Compliance is aiding compliance processes at KNGS!

Whether you also recently met us at an event, or you can relate to some of the issues Clare was experiencing before getting Every® onboard, we’d love to hear from you!