Stamford Endowed Schools are a collection of independent schools based in Lincolnshire, with a student body of 1600. With multiple sites to manage across a historic town, Director of Estates and Facilities, Stewart Dorey, approached Every® to help streamline compliance management and solve repair requests.

Now well into their second year of using Every Compliance, we took a moment to sit down with Stewart to learn how our system is benefitting compliance activities across buildings nearing 500 years old!

What challenges was your school facing with regards to compliance management?  

Our previous facilities management system couldn’t offer the level of coverage we needed to effectively manage our compliance activities across multiple disciplines. It also felt clunky, and simply wasn’t very user friendly!

What made you approach Every® to aid compliance management?   

A key driver was the ability to set compliance tasks and actively manage them.

What have been the main benefits of using Every Compliance? 

The ability to manage our suppliers, without the need to manually check and enter data!  With Every Compliance, the emphasis is very much on the supplier to keep their data up-to-date, which makes it much simpler for us to manage.

What was the implementation process of Every Compliance like? 

The move to Every® was simple and offered us a very user-focused, simplistic system that covers all of our needs.  Our teachers and estates staff love using it, and as a result, we have seen a greater number of staff raising requests than we ever saw previously! Every® has really helped us improve our delivery to the school and means that we are able to offer a first-class service.

Which Every Compliance modules have you taken advantage of? 

Initially, we looked only to use the Business Management module to help solve our compliance and repair requests. However, it became clear fairly quickly that the wider Every® modules would also benefit us. As such, we recently added the Incidents Management and Documents & Policies modules to help us further streamline our systems.

What’s been your experience of our customer support team?

Working with the Every® team has been a pleasure! They get what we are looking for quickly and are happy to help and guide us through the process as we populate our data. Critically, the set-up webinars were excellent and really helped us to understand the system in our early days.

Can you sum up the benefits of using Every Compliance?  

Overall, the addition of Every Compliance has been very positive and has helped us to improve our response levels and user buy in.  This can be credited to the user-friendly interface Every Compliance offers, not only for the teachers, but the estates staff too.

We’d like to extend our thanks to Stewart for taking the time to reflect on Stamford Endowed Schools’ Every Compliance journey so far!

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