A few years ago, the EFA announced a new Condition Data Collection (CDC) survey which requests evidence on the existence of dated compliance and building management documentation. This includes fire risk assessments, asbestos registers and water safety, hygiene and legionella documentation. Don’t panic, we’re here to help. The Every Business Management module dates and stores all compliance activities and gives you a secure, off-site place to upload and store all your documentation. Even better, it provides instant reports ready to hand to assessors, heads and governors. And just to make sure you’ve got this CDC survey in the bag, Every Business Management comes pre-loaded with all the regular activities you need to be compliant and will remind you when they’re coming up.

But don’t just take our word for it. Martin Budd, Property Manager at Wreake Valley Community College tells us how, with the help of Every, he turned a CDC survey into glowing feedback and £1.4m in funding for school improvement.  

“A few years ago, the DFE sent in three assessors to carry out a condition survey at my school. With about a month’s notice, they had given me a checklist of all the documentation and information that they needed me to provide, warning me that they would probably require two days on-site to carry out their checks. When they arrived, I set them up with a meeting room, a cup of coffee and a laptop and explained that everything they wanted to see could be found on our Every system. They were fascinated with the simplicity and accessibility and the whole process ended up taking just half a day to complete. Subsequently, we got the survey back which included a comment from the EFA specifically praising the quality of administration and how easy we had made everything for the assessors.  

That year and the following year, I made a total of four Condition Improvement Funding (CIF) bids in the hope of re-roofing our Sixth Form Centre, Sports Hall and replacing windows and skylights. After using reports from the Every system, outlining all dated issues and maintenance, we were one in a tiny handful of schools in the UK who won four funding bids in two years.  

Altogether, this software has helped me bring in £1.4m for improving our facilities– without breaking a sweat. It’s also had a significant impact on my day-to-day work, improving professionalism and raising the profile of the site team. Without this package, there’s no way that I would’ve got such a positive condition survey response which laid the foundations for successful bids that have made a real difference to my school.”