Every is used by thousands of schools every day. Through speaking with our customers, we have found that every school fits their system to meet their unique goals and requirements. We’re always looking to show you new and innovative ways others use the system to give you ideas on how your school can benefit.

With that in mind, here’s Ellen Tinkham School’s success story…

The challenge

Ellen Tinkham School were managing their compliance through a mixture of spreadsheets and folders. Their paper-based method meant it was difficult to keep track of progress of jobs which made the process inefficient and time-consuming.

Dave O’Loughlin, the school’s Premises and Health & Safety Manager had looked at a number of compliance management systems, “they’d all been basic free software and none of them had worked how we needed them to.”

He then reached out to us to see how Every could help…

Solving the problem

His first reaction: Every was “just so easy to use.”

“With anything like this, I always think that if you need extensive training on a new system to be able to use it quickly and efficiently, then it’s too complicated. And what I did like was when we took it back to show everyone who would be using it, they could all get to grips with it without spending hours and hours showing them how to do it.”

We introduced Dave to the Help Desk features within the Business Management module, demonstrating how staff could save time and reduce corridor interruptions by logging reactive issues within Every.

Operating from a single central platform, and constantly keeping staff in the loop with automated email notifications when their logged issues are updated and completed; Every makes communication between staff and different departments more streamlined and efficient.

Everyone has a different approach to Every, and the customizable settings of the software mean you can make it into exactly what you need. As a special school, Ellen Tinkham has a number of specialist issues and activities, such as therapy for students and manual handling plans, alongside the traditional tasks that go into a school running smoothly.

“It’s able to fit to what we need; we don’t just use it for traditional categories. You can keep going with categories until you’ve got what you need, and they don’t just need to be premises related.”

What difference has Every made to Ellen Tinkham School?

Every has become an invaluable tool for Dave and the rest of the staff at Ellen Tinkham School – Business Management allows them to keep precise records and the customisable nature of the product means they are able to tailor it to meet their needs exactly.

“Ellen Tinkham School is federated with Bidwell Brook School in Dartington and both schools use Every.  Working across three sites, 28 miles apart, means a centralised system is essential and Every fulfils this function.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Every to other schools across Devon.  Every certainly makes life so much easier.”

With a clear, inclusive audit trail of completed work, Ellen Tinkham School now have a transparent picture of the overall status of compliance across their school. Staff are confident in the knowledge that when they log an issue it will be looked at and completed in a timely manner, without them having to take any extra time from their busy schedules to find the appropriate person to do so.

Since implementing Every

Following the success of the Business Management and Asset Management modules, Ellen Tinkham School has now been part of Every for four years. They are constantly finding new ways to make their system adapt to their needs.

Dave added that along with the products themselves, the after-care support has been invaluable, including the variety of training and refresher sessions we offer. Along with two other members of staff, Dave has attended one of our free regional training days, where he was able to share ideas with other users and see how they were making use of their own Every system: “You almost learn as much from the other people attending, seeing how they are using it, as you do from the trainers.”

How we can help you

Whether your school needs to improve compliance or communication, save money or simply deal with day to day issues, Every can help. The system is so adaptable, a solution is never far away.

If you would like to get organised with everything in one place and a dedicated dashboard that provides you with transparency across all your key activities, get in touch with us today – we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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