There’s no denying that in the midst of a global crisis, business’s must have the ability to remotely manage every aspect of their organisation with an accessible and reliable piece of software. Yet, the majority of business’s across the country do not have a cohesive system in place, and face losing or damaging files, not having an audit trail and risk causing disruption to their clients. That’s why, now more than ever, it’s crucial to ensure the continuity of your organisation from home with a system like Every.

Remotely manage and report on different aspects of your school

In the first of our new series of blogs, we spoke with Ed Thomas at ATT (Academy Transformation Trust) for insight into how their organisation continues to adapt to this new, and unfamiliar landscape.

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‘ATT have been able to utilise the Every system to manage our assets, contracts, maintenance, compliance, projects and condition of buildings over the last 5 years with great success. This has become even more pertinent during the current COVID-19 crisis and has enabled us as a business to remotely manage these aspects whilst reducing physical presence on site and in our central office. Our site staff have maintained their work and training through the system and our senior staff have been able to monitor and report on these aspects to all stakeholders and ensure we keep our sites safe and open for the pupils of key workers.’

Building a consistent approach to compliance

With Every’s cloud-based compliance software, you can build a consistent approach to managing compliance across your organisation. From distributing the most up to date versions of documents to your staff, having automated reminders of when tasks need completing, or even having access to a compliance calendar making it difficult to miss important tasks and ensuring deadlines are adhered to.

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Using software to adapt to new challenges

Ed then went on to explain how the system has supported their organisation to adapt to the current climate, and how the support from Every has been invaluable in maintaining business as usual.

‘The system has greatly assisted in adapting to the current crisis through the swift release of additional Health and Safety training for teaching staff, risk assessment and additional information required to be shared urgently. The online and telephone support that the Every staff have provided for us has been invaluable in maintaining business as usual as much as possible.’

A paper-based system may have been relied upon years ago, but this is no longer the case. Don’t get left behind, get started with Every today.

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