Managing compliance within schools can be a lengthy undertaking, but Every has created a system to ease some of that burden. Thousands of schools use Every each day, and from speaking with our customers we have found that each one adapts the system to meet their individual goals and requirements. We’re always looking to show you new and innovative ways others use the system to give you ideas on how your school can benefit.

With that in mind, here’s The Federation of St Francis and St Christopher’s Special Schools’ success story...

The challenge

The Federation’s School Business Manager, Georgia Brown, was managing their compliance through excel spreadsheets and pieces of paper – “It’s what you’re used to, what you’re brought up with, you run with the systems already in place.”

“It’s not until you see something different, you get the Every presentation, or you see other schools using it, that you realise that what you’re doing – although it serves a purpose – could be so much more.”

A major problem Georgia found was keeping track of what policies were at each school, and knowing who has updated those policies, and who has read them.

“At the beginning, we’d roll out all the new policies and staff would have to sign a piece of paper to show they have read and understood them, and getting everyone to sign that piece of paper was an absolute nightmare.”

Having previously used Every at another school, Georgia knew a solution for The Federation’s problems was not far away…

Solving the problem

When she joined The Federation, Georgia introduced their IT Technician to the Every system, and they realised it offered so much more than the other companies they had previously looked at.

We showed them how the Policies module takes all of the footwork out of getting your documents signed off. Every allows you to easily distribute documents to staff to be read and acknowledged, with automatic reminders sent out to those who are yet to do so.

“It’s so much more simplified. And all we need to do is log on, pull our reports, and show them to the OFSTED inspector. Easy as that.”

What differences has it made to The Federation of St Francis and St Christopher’s Special Schools?

“Every has made my life so much easier. The customer support is fantastic, and you can use the system to cover all areas – I use it for finance, HR, premises – it’s a one-stop-shop. A lot of systems out there are a little bit of what you need, but not everything, so you end up with lots of different packages to do the one job you want to do. Every just has it all.”

Georgia now has an easy overview across The Federation, without having to go into each school to pull the information she needs. “It saves me so much time, and feels much more streamlined.”

Since implementing Every…

Since experiencing the benefits, The Federation now has Business Management, Asset Management and the Policies and Documents module implemented across their schools. Georgia has continued to find useful features within the product…

“The contracts side of things wasn’t particularly on my radar when we first joined Every, but that’s a brilliant bonus for us. Certainly, as part of finance and premises, it ties everything together nicely.”

How we can help you

Whether you need an easy view across your organisation to improve compliance, a way to improve communication or make dealing with day to day issues quicker and easier, Every can help. The system is so simple and easy to use, that all staff can get involved.

If you would like to get organised with everything in one place and a dedicated dashboard that provides you with transparency across all your key activities, get in touch with us today – we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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