Now is the perfect time to get organised with Every.

The pupils and teaching staff are off so it’s time to wholly focus on the second highest cost at your school: your property. As the proverbial dust settles you will also realise how much needs doing and it’s the perfect opportunity to get organised before they return. Although you’ll be busy, it will hopefully be a little more predictable without the constant distractions from the occupants.

Every (formerly PropertyPrefect) is the perfect tool for helping you to get on top of all the fiddly and necessary activities at your school. It has a pre-loaded list of typical activities ready for you to select. There’s also a very handy facility to create your own activities too. You can even upload your important certificates, documents and reports so you can be confident of laying your hand on a timeless copy from anywhere in the school. How useful would that be? On top of that Every alerts you by email of overdue and upcoming activities so it really helps you get and stay organised.

To see the system in action and find out how it can help you in your role, book a demo with a member of our team today.