As we all know, far too often at work, we rely on the information in a colleague’s head (the office manager for example)

Stationery buying, downloading software, train ticket booking, business card printing, the birthday rota, bus routes home- just ask the office manager. Which is fine, until the office manager goes on holiday or maternity leave and nobody knows how to do anything any more.

We’ve all been there- you know what you want to do, you think you know what you have to do, you’re just not always sure: who can help me? Where do I start? How much of this has been done before, better?

New team members need the guidance that stops them from wasting time reinventing the wheel, or making mistakes because they don’t have all the relevant information to hand. They need access to historical data so they can benefit from the wisdom (or lessons learned the hard way!) of those who’ve gone before.

If you haven’t got a sound system for premises management, training and supervising new staff becomes a time-consuming hassle. And if they’re not creating an audit trail for what they do; when you lose the team member, you lose the knowledge.

Think about your school: if you were off work for a fortnight (that Carribean cruise you’ve dreamed of?), can you be confident your colleagues have the tools they need? This doesn’t just involve getting on with general maintenance and compliance, but dealing with any issues in the same competent way you would: choosing the right supplier, understanding legal issues, recording costs and storing important documents.

We can give you that peace of mind. It’s one operational management system for the whole school: a simple, integrated way of managing your site’s premises, health and safety and supplier needs. Every user reports, logs progress and marks jobs as completed in one place: you can view the status of all activities on one screen, even from your Blackberry in Barbados (if you really want…)