What is efficient compliancy?

At any moment it can happen: a notice arrives from the Health and Safety Executive, from the local authority, from the Fire Brigade, or any other body that has the right to inspect the school, saying that they will be coming to check that everything is in order.

You may currently buy back some of these services from your local authority. However this doesn’t cover everything and therefore leaves you with three problems.

First, you have to spend time checking that all the work that should have been done, has been done. You may have asked your colleagues to see to some provision, (legionella testing, fire door provision, exit signs working…) but in the end this is your area of responsibility, so you have to check.

Second, you have to be confident that you are up-to-date with the law. After all, it is all very well a manufacturer coming to the school and saying that the fire doors or the partitions or the canteen arrangements need to be changed, but that does not make the statement true. And that’s without the worry of the new legislation you missed.

Third, preparing for an inspection can take up time – which means that during that period someone else needs to be covering your normal duties. And that costs money – or leaves you with a backlog.

The most efficient and effective way around this compliance problem is for your school to have access to an online system that tells you when inspections and other important activities are due. For example, you may need to know when the Fire Risk Assessment was last completed and if the recommendations were all carried out and by whom. And where’s the report?

Multiply that single issue by around 100, and you have the extent of the problem.

The solution that many schools now use is Every, a system which tells you exactly what needs to be checked and when, and then records when you had the check done, who did it, what the results are, and indeed everything else you need to know.

What’s more, it is a system that comes with its own alerts – reminding you what you need to get done at any particular moment. There’s even a support team to help you if you are unsure of whether you do need to get something changed – or indeed with any other related matter.

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