Now that the summer break has begun alot of schools will be embarking on essential maintenance and other building work. For most people snags are a drag! In an ideal world building work will need no snagging. Unfortunately we all live in the real world and snags come with the territory. Obviously you’ll need to log them, track them and make sure they are rectified to your satisfaction within your warranty or guarantee period. You certainly don’t want unfinished business spilling into the new term. Have you thought how to best handle this problem with all the other activities that still need to be completed?

I recall a conversation with a school not so long ago and they described having a new arts block built over the summer. When the teacher returned they discovered the cupboards that stored the paint were placed over the radiators. This meant the paints were drying out when stored. Of course this meant the cupboards had to be repositioned. This is just one of the many issues you’ll find when you start to use the building in earnest.

Every has an incredibly easy to use issues log that is ideal for managing snags. It has a handy audit trail so you can view the progress on particular snags and there’s even an upload feature if you want to attach photos of the offending items. How useful would it be to view a list of all the snags and be able to print any or all of them off for your meetings?