Missed something?

Do you every get that feeling? Can you be sure? Have you missed something? Just ask yourself these questions…

  • With regards to your premises maintenance can you confidently state everything that should be done is being done?
  • Do you know how many imminent inspections you need to be aware of and how to prepare for them?
  • If you have a premises audit would you be able to quickly show your records as evidence of your compliance?

Often it’s not what you know but what you don’t know that could be the issue.

Well, confidence, reassurance and compliance is what Every (PropertyPrefect) will provide. It is the all new online premises maintenance tool that reminds you of upcoming inspections and activities, provides handy guidance and useful reports so you can be sure that you are complying with your statutory duties and practicing good stewardship of your premises.

We know our product really helps our customers get organised, compliant and stay one step ahead of the game. So if you’d like that feeling of reassurance all you have to do is arrange a 15 minute, no obligation, New account for Every.