Premises management made easy. Yes I know it’s four words that you don’t normally see together but it is realistic. Managing your school premises is a real challenge – issues to fix, quotes to receive, checks to complete, inspections to prepare for. With those tasks spread out over several members of staff, contractors, log books and spreadsheets it’s easy to see how it can be a nightmare.

That’s where Every comes in. Every is one simple online tool that helps you schedule, manage and record the myriad tasks that keeping your school premises safe and functioning. You’ll be on top of your school, your staff, your contractors and your costs. It will save you money, time, worry and it will make your premises run like clockwork.

Never Miss an Essential Check

Every allows you to schedule those key maintenance tasks that your school needs to stay on top of. That way even if a check is infrequent, it’s never forgotten. Then assign those tasks to different members of staff and see when they’ve completed them.

Manage New Issues Easily

Accessible through an internet browser, Every makes it easy for all staff to log issues – from a creaking door to a leaking roof. You can then manage these tasks and store all your notes and quotes against them to make sure you get the best value for money and nothing escalates into a bigger problem.

Stay Compliant with a Clear Audit Trail

Good health and safety management relies on a clear audit trail and every change, every action in Property Prefect is recorded to give you a complete picture of what’s happened. You can access all this information in quick clear reports, perfect for the next senior manager meeting.

You’ll Be Up and Running in less than one hour

This could be one of the most productive hours you ever spend. With no software to install you’ll be up and running in less time than a morning break. It’s so user friendly and there are plenty of templates already set up to help get you going.