We all know that returning to school after the long summer break can be a challenge. To support you as best we can, here is a reminder of how you can ensure all assets have been returned to the school building and are ready to be utilised for learning again.

A ‘back to school’ audit is the best and most efficient way to ensure that all assets have been returned to the site and are in the correct place.

Do each of your assets still work?

Ensuring each of your assets are functioning correctly plays a huge part in how your school runs on a day-to-day basis. Are screens and monitors in the right place? Have keyboards lost keys during the transition from home to school?

By inspecting whether there are faults or damages to IT equipment, laptops and tablets prior to returning them to the school, you are actively reducing the risk of disruption to staff and children as they will be able to return to an environment that is ready for learning.

We also urge you not to forget to check whether your charging units still work and, if not, will they need to be replaced?

Asset Management with Every

With Every’s Asset Management module, you will not only be able to store your asset information, but you will be able to centrally store value and quantities. The integrated dashboard also calculates depreciation, forecasts for replacements and highlights upcoming equipment renewals. Learn more about how this module can support you when managing your assets.

Are any software updates required?

We understand that oftentimes, staff that do not work within the IT team have limited permissions when it comes down to updating or installing computer software. In light of this, we remind you to have your IT team on standby to update laptops, computers and other devices where necessary.

If you need any support when it comes to managing your assets, we are here to support you via our Live Chat which can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. Alternatively, we are available to contact by email or phone.

Booking in a ‘back to school’ audit

Why is an asset audit important? Being able to quickly evidence each of the assets within a school, including their location, price and depreciation cost provides the school with transparency of how many fixed assets are on-site at any one time, as well as the budgets required in order to support the maintenance of future assets and potential damage or loss of current assets. 

Interested in booking an Asset Audit? Contact a member of the team for more information on how you can book yours in. All we need from you to start with is your pupil roll.