Every is used by thousands of schools across the country each day. Our system has been flexible to accommodate to each school’s contrasting needs, and this is reflected in the feedback our customers give us.

In order to provide our customers with a flawless experience every time, we make a conscious effort to listen to how our system has benefitted them. We spoke to Angela, an Admin assistant at Holland Park Primary School, for an insight into her experience with using Every.

The challenge

Prior to using Every, Angela mentioned that they were relying on a paper-based system which she found to be a challenge itself, as this meant they were unable to monitor assets and disposals within the school.

Recently, the school became an academy which meant all the school’s assets were merged into the business they were apart of, which also meant that these assets had to be tracked more efficiently. Angela found this almost impossible to keep track of due to the size of the school, so as an academy the system has really helped, especially the business side of things.

Solving the problem

Since implementing Every, Angela now logs all incidents on the system so if there is a problem with any part of the school, this can go on the system and the caretaker will be notified and you can get updates once they have fixed it. 

‘Now everything is in its right place and we know where it is so if there is a laptop missing then we can go and find it and put it where it should be.’

What difference has Every made to Holland Park Primary School?

The best part of the system for Angela was the yearly audit, as they could go through to each room and scan the tags on their phones for each asset. If a particular asset is not in the correct place, then they can change this with ease on their phones which helps with asset management on a larger scale.  

‘I am now able to give our auditors and accountants a list of disposals and a list of new things that have come in and I can just run a report, unlike before on the paper-based system.’

‘I think for the business side of it it’s a necessity because we need to say how much our assets are worth. On a day to day basis for the running of a school we don’t need to know how many chairs we’ve got, but we do need to be accountable being part of an academy. They need to be knowing what’s in their school as well as the value of it.’

Since implementing Every

Holland Park Primary School have now been using Every for almost three years and following the success of the Asset Management module that they started with, have gone on to implement the Business Management module.

‘We can also see how many times a toilet has been blocked. We can take a look at it and if we find that it’s happening every day then there’s something clearly wrong with that particular toilet.’

How we can help you

Our system aims to make your life easier by keeping everything you need in one place. If you find that you are struggling to manage your compliance requirements, or if you are wanting a system that can centralise all your contracts, documents and tasks, then Every is the perfect solution for you.

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