Every is used by thousands of schools every day, and speaking with our customers we have found that each of them adapts the system to meet their unique goals and requirements. We’re always looking to show you new and innovative ways others use the system to give you ideas on how your school can benefit. With that in mind, here’s Christ the King College’s success story...​

The challenge

Christ the King College were managing their compliance manually, through spreadsheets and paper records. Maintenance requests scribbled on sticky notes were piling up and being lost on their caretaker’s desk, and having manual diary reminders meant activities were being forgotten and becoming overdue. All together their method of maintaining their compliance was inefficient and problematic.

Having used Every at a previous school, Kathrin Williams, the School Business Manager, knew Every would be able to help…

Solving the problem

The first challenge Kathrin wanted to tackle was the inefficiency of reporting issues.

“We needed a helpdesk to stop the sticky notes on the caretaker’s desk and cornering people in the corridor saying, ‘I need this and that fixed’. Every gave us a way to make that process more efficient.”

We introduced Kathrin to the Help Desk features within the Business Management, demonstrating how staff could ensure their requests are seen and reduce corridor interruptions by logging reactive Issues within Every. Operating from a single central platform, and constantly keeping staff in the loop with automated email notifications when issues are logged, updated and completed; Every makes communication between staff and different departments more streamlined and efficient.

We also showed how the Activities section of Business Management logs and tracks regular compliance tasks. Automated notifications of upcoming activities, 3 months prior to the due date, means Christ the King College can feel reassured that these tasks go unmissed.

Kathrin loved how the Contracts section, an additional feature within Business Management, means all their start, end and notice dates are recorded in one place: “We use Contract Management for our leases, so I know when they are about to expire, and we can decide whether to renew them or return the equipment. We are required to report our leases to the Local Authority, and for me to be able to go to Every and pull the relevant report to send off rather than searching through lots of spreadsheets and files saves me so much time.”

What differences has it made to Christ the King College?

“I like having as much as possible in one place, and not using lots of different systems for everything. So, the fact that Every incorporates so many aspects all in one system has made keeping on top of our compliance much easier, we can’t miss anything.”

“Every gives me that peace of mind that you know what you should be doing, and you can’t miss or forget things.”

With a comprehensive audit trail of completed work, Christ the King College now have a clear picture of the overall status of compliance across the school, without the mountain of sticky notes and paper records taking over the caretaker’s desk.

Since implementing Every…

Following the success of implementing the Business Management module, Christ the King College has now been part of the Every family for eight years. Kathrin has since introduced Asset Management and Incident Management modules to the school.

“Every is always evolving, adding new modules to tackle problems faced by schools to help make our jobs easier”

The adaptable nature of the Every system means that Kathrin has been able to tailor it to meet their needs. Until they began using a dedicated HR system, Christ the King College were using the help-desk area of Business Management to request staff absences.

“We used the Issues section to request absences by setting up a category called Absence Requests that staff used to submit LOA requests. These were automatically directed to SLT for approval. Before this, we used paper forms with duplicates where staff got the duplicate slip back once this was approved. Using Every to request staff absences streamlined the whole process, made it quicker, and saved us print costs as well.”

Kathrin has made good use of the live support chat feature within Every, and particularly values the final transcript of each interaction being emailed to her: “It’s so useful having an audit trail of what has been said, and if the problem was to come up again I have an answer without needing to ask for further help.”

How we can help you

Whether your school needs to improve compliance or time-management, save money or simply deal with day to day issues, Every can help.

The system is so simple and easy to use, that all staff can get involved. If you would like to get organised with everything in one place and a dedicated dashboard that provides you with transparency across all your key activities, get in touch with us today – we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have.