Every is used by thousands of schools across the country each day. Our system has been designed to accommodate each school’s contrasting needs, and this is reflected in the feedback our customers give us.

In order to provide our customers with a flawless experience every time, we make a conscious effort to listen to how our system has benefited them. We spoke to David, a Premises Manager at St. Nicholas School, for an insight into his experience with using Every.

The challenge

Due to the nature of David’s role where he is not always based at his desk, a system that allows flexibility is essential to ensuring tasks are being kept on top of.

Prior to using Every, David was an avid Outlook user and was relying on the reminders function to keep him up to date with issues around the school. Not having an audit trail meant that other staff within the school were unable check the progress of any tasks that came to light. Other than using Outlook, the school were relying on a pen and paper to record tasks, issues and activities, which inevitably lead to tasks getting missed.

Not having a cohesive system to record issues and activities was starting to have an impact on the school, which was when they decided to reach out to us for a system that enables them to streamline all their important processes, documents and assets into one place.

Solving the problem

With Every, David now has access to an extensive range of key features. One of the features David finds benefits him most is our smartphone application. This application has enabled David to get on-the-go reminders while away from his desk, which he has found to be an ‘essential’ feature.

Since using the system, David has noticed that he is no longer getting numerous post-it notes on his desk or random pieces of equipment in front of his door each morning, but instead, David and his colleagues have access to a central system where activities and tasks can be recorded and monitored, documents and policies can be uploaded and assets can be tracked with ease.

With automated notifications of upcoming tasks and activities, you are provided with the comfort of knowing that these tasks are never missed.

‘We’ve got five mini-buses and each one of them has a service, MOT, tax and a section 19, so the system reminds me of what needs doing and when.’

What difference has Every made to St Nicholas School?

David found that the activities section is very useful, and since implementing the system almost a year ago, he has created a great number of activities from our collection of templates available on the system.

‘We have 124 tasks and activities on the system at the moment, varying from PAT testing to water sampling, fire evacuation drills and even mini-bus servicing. These are all things that need to be done periodically.’

With automated notifications of upcoming tasks and activities, you are provided with the comfort that these tasks are never missed.

How we can help you

Our system aims to make your life easier by keeping everything you need in one place. If you find that you are struggling to manage your compliance requirements, or if you are just wanting a system that can centralise all your contracts, documents and tasks, then Every is the perfect solution for you.