Ask yourself this question… what else could you or your SBM be doing?

I'm not going to talk about Return on Investment, ROI, in this article. A lot of software is marketed with a money saving message that is so hard to realise and prove that in my experience it puts a lot of people off. "That's what everyone says, don't they!" is the oft used response.

Leaders, managers and administrators in schools seem permanently rushed off their feet and so it seems to me that a tool to help become better organised, to be able to do the same work in less time or more work in the same time whilst being on top of their game has to be the greatest benefit that can be realised by the school. In my view this would have a significant impact on all concerned, after all who of us doesn’t get a little bit cranky when we’re feeling out of control and under the cosh. The following paragraphs will bring this issue into sharper focus…

The results of a recent survey of school leaders, which had over 1500 respondents, have indicated there is lack of clarity and widespread uncertainty amongst school leaders.

The survey was aimed at assessing the challenges currently faced by school leaders including; the impact of reduced budgets on school and local authority provision, financial implications for schools which choose to remain under local authority control, current government educational policy on social mobility, extending the school day, links between maintained and independent schools, and educational knowledge of governing bodies.

Lack of support

Almost 90% of respondents had seen a decrease in support provided by the local authorities, including a reduction in training, or increase in the cost of training making it less attainable. Due to this lack of support, schools have seen a vast increase in workload for administrative staff and reduced opportunities for continued professional development within the school.

What this tells me is that the workload and stresses are likely to continue if not increase and there’s no more money to recruit additional resources. So what can be done about it? In a word – Every, the system designed for schools to save time and hassle.

Every helps you get and stay organised. It will alert you to imminent and future H&S and other premises activities so nothing is missed. It provides you with a very simple issues management system, so simple everyone can use it with email alerts for the site team. There’s three levels of support with the Guidance library, Live Support and Technical Helpdesk so you’re only a click away from professional help. For budgeting more effectively there’s a finance chart graphically displaying your planned and reactive spend through the year. Finally there’s a set of simple reports so you can provide up to date information, consistently presented to the governors, auditors and others.