In the modern-day, moving to the cloud is a process that more and more organisations are coming around to the idea of doing.

However, if you work in the HR field, what are the distinctive advantages of making a cloud-based move for your people functions?

Keep reading to find out our 5 top reasons for adopting a cloud-based HR solution and how it can transform your HR department; simplifying daily administrative tasks and enabling your team to focus on the people issues that really matter, such as wellbeing and creating a supportive workplace culture.

Reason #1: Self-service functionality

HR departments are busy places, and there’s always plenty to do – especially if you don’t have a dedicated team. As I’m sure you can all imagine, HR requires a lot of data entry: from inputting employee emergency contacts to repetitive daily tasks such as logging absence. Cloud-based HR systems with self-service functionality enable your entire workforce to access and input their own data from anywhere and at any time, at their convenience. This not only makes employee’s lives easier and improves engagement, but it also frees up valuable time for HR.

Reason #2: Better data security

While cyber-attacks have made some people a little nervous about the prospect of storing data in the cloud, the fact is there’s far more security in the cloud than there is with managing physical documentation. From a GDPR perspective, access controls keeps your documents secure, auditable, and accessible to only those who need them. Where you might deal with sensitive information ranging from home addresses to salary information, data security is an unrivalled investment.

Reason #3: Reduced paperwork

Gone are the days of storing copious amounts of employee records in packed filing cabinets. From compliance information to training records and job applications, with cloud technology you can easily maintain your people data to reduce the time taken searching for, updating, and analysing the necessary information. With digital records, it’s also easier to mitigate duplication, human error or worse, data loss.

Reason #4: Greater agility

The technology market is changing at breakneck speed and many on-premise HR systems just can’t keep up. A cloud-based HR solution, on the other hand, is easily scalable and will adjust as your organisation evolves. What’s more, you needn’t worry about time-consuming upgrades or overseeing updates, since your software provider will manage these on your behalf, keeping demands on your IT team to a minimum.

Reason #5: Cost savings

All of the above points translate into more money left in the kitty, because once your cloud-based system is deployed, it will immediately begin generating returns in a multitude of ways, including more insightful and accurate data and increased time savings. You will also find there are savings to be had that aren’t so obvious to start with. Using a cloud-based HR system will enable you to have a more flexible and mobile workforce, as well as boosting productivity where previously arduous HR processes, such as requesting holidays, become more streamlined.

Whilst we have covered some of the more process-driven reasons to switch to a cloud-based HR system, the benefits to your workforce are also far-reaching – from helping you to improve wider employee engagement to having more time to deliver initiatives that really make a difference to your people. So, what’s stopping you?

Discover more about Every’s cloud based HR management system today, and speak to a member of our team to find out how our intuitive solutions can support your school or trust.