Having spoken directly to hundreds of schools I think I can offer some assistance with this question. We all want to make good choices in life and there is a lot of stress involved with making choices. You can make it more stress free by looking for the following items in your software proposal...

  • The software is a cut down version of a Local Authority or Private Sector system
  • The single, most powerful marketing message is based on fear
  • The company is quoting thousands of schools using it but no/few school references or sites
  • There is a capital cost for the software in the region of £3k-£20k+
  • There is a price for user licenses
  • Training is proposed and comprises multiple site visits at a daily rate
  • Inclusion of an annual charge for support and software updates
  • Inclusion of days of project management, around £600-£900 per day
  • Future visits chargeable at the daily rate, typically £600-£900 per day

If you have a proposal that looks anything like this then alarm bells should be ringing in my view. You’re being proposed an overly complex, cumbersome, unnecessarily expensive and irrelevant system that will, in all likelihood, never be implemented completely, you’ll use barely 10% of it and you’ll never realise the benefits. I firmly believe that Companies solely selling on fear have a moral obligation to alter their ways. You attract bees with honey not by wielding a big stick!

When we started Every it was obvious (to us anyway) what schools needed so this is how you know you have the right software proposed to you…

  • The software is designed specifically for schools as they are very different to any other type of business
  • A demonstrable track record in schools with references that can be contacted directly and independently of the company
  • No capital cost for the software but an annual subscription model
  • Training is included and delivered online so is free and minimises disruption to your school operations
  • Unlimited users so you don’t have to think twice when adding additional users
  • Software is so simple no project management is required
  • Free and regular web classes for refresher course

As they say, it’s not rocket science!

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