It’s a conundrum! How to most effectively induct a new caretaker?

There’s no doubt it’s a mammoth task. It takes a lot of your time preparing for it and a lot of time working through the induction. You need to know what they are supposed to be responsible for, when they should be doing those tasks, what suppliers they should use and how much it should all be costing. And you can’t forget all the existing issues that need to be picked up as this induction is being carried out.

What if there was a way to make all of that easier? What if there was a tool that made the process so much easier in fact that it needn’t be a stress at all?

Every is that tool.

Say goodbye to your outdated handover manual. Our compliance management system shows a list of activities that need to be completed, with guidance on due dates and frequency of tasks. They can see which suppliers are used by the school, and what their pricing should be, so there’s no risk of being taken advantage of as they get started in their new position. The help-desk feature of Every keeps track of all current issues, so your new caretaker can get straight into resolving them. 

All your new caretaker needs to do is log into Every. It would show them what had been completed so far, along with an audit trail and uploaded certificates. They would also see the next 3 months of activities along with the contractor and cost. With regards to issues, they could see the list of outstanding issues along with completed issues each with their own audit trail.

How much quicker and easier does that induction sound now?