Services we offer

Onsite and online training

To help you enjoy the best possible user experience, our training department provide a range of courses which can be delivered as part of the implementation process or refresher sessions

Regional customer training

We continue to update and improve our products and features. To bring you the latest product updates, we host free training events across the UK to demonstrate how to use Every to its full potential, share best practice and network with other customers. We are in the process of making these events available virtually, for you to attend from the comfort of your own working space.

Data cleaning

Your dedicated implementation specialist can put all of your data through a data validation check and then upload that correct data to your system to help speed up your implementation of Every HR.

Account health checks

To ensure you continue to get the most out of the system and use your products to their full potential, our engagement specialists periodically check your account with you.


We regularly host insightful webinars to share the latest product features and updates. We also bring you the latest best practice, regularly partnering with industry leaders to share their knowledge.

Help guides and video tutorials

You’ll have access to a full bank of user help guides and video tutorials with useful information on how to use your products should you need a quick reminder or pointing in the right direction. 

End to end support

Your relationship with Every doesn’t stop once it’s implemented. You can access ongoing support via telephone and email as well as the highly responsive live chat feature where you can get an instant response to questions you have. Our users tell us we are second-to-none when it comes to the speed, helpfulness and knowledge of our support team.