If you are starting at a new school or simply hoping to improve your current contract management practice, the following questions are a good place to start: 

  1. How many contracts and licenses does your school have?
  2. Who is responsible for each of the contracts within your school?
  3. Which contracts involve services which are essential to the school opening?
  4. Which contracts have a history in your school of being problematic?
  5. How are notice periods flagged up to you?
  6. Do you have any contracts that were negotiated as a group?
  7. Do you know your options for exiting a contract where the supplier has failed to deliver? 
  8. Do you have active contact details for your account manager at each company you hold a contract with?
  9. Do you have a contract management strategy?
  10. Would you consider your contract management to represent best practice?

Every’s Business Management product features a useful Contracts Register to make tracking and updating all the contracts within your school easy. Simply record the start, end and notice dates to create a notifications list of key dates – so you needn’t worry about unknowingly rolling over on a contract again. You can even upload a copy of each of your contracts to have them stored securely in one place.

To learn more about how Every can help you to streamline your contracts management book a demo today…