Every is used by thousands of schools across the country each day. Our system has been flexible to accommodate to each school’s contrasting needs, and this is reflected in the feedback our customers give us.

In order to provide our customers with a flawless experience every time, we make a conscious effort to listen to how our system has benefited them. We spoke to Clare, a School Business Manager at Broad Oak Primary School, for an insight into her experience with using Every.

The challenge

Prior to using Every, Broad Oak Primary School were managing their compliance checks on pen and paper. Clare found that this was time-consuming and was not an efficient way to record and track issues or maintenance problems. In addition to this, not having a cohesive system to record issues or activities within the school meant that things were starting to get missed, and not having a comprehensive audit trail meant that it was becoming difficult to see the most recent point of contact meaning there was a lack of communication between a member of staff and a supplier.

Solving the problem

Since being introduced to the Business Management module, Clare has taken the time to understand the different elements of the system and the benefits that it has to offer.

Some of the key benefits to this module is that we offer a dashboard featuring a compliance calendar which ensures you are not missing any important compliance tasks, as well as an extensive range of compliance templates available to use with helpful guidance for an easy set-up.

With automated notifications of upcoming tasks and activities, you are provided with the comfort that these tasks are never missed.

Our new smartphone app means you can get key updates on the go, and you can also share information and updates with other staff in the school without needing to be at your desk.

What difference has Every made to Broad Oak Primary School? 

‘Having all the health and safety checks in one place was really useful as it meant that you didn’t have to check through different documents all the time, you could just see everything in front of you.’

Having everything in one place means Clare can see the school’s contracts, compliance tasks and the helpdesk function with ease. This ensures no time is wasted searching through numerous documents, tasks and activities.

Every’s ability to send automatic notifications for upcoming and overdue tasks essentially means that once you have logged something into the system, you can forget about it until a reminder has been sent. Clare found this feature helpful as it allowed her to focus her attention on other tasks that needed doing around the school as she didn’t have to worry about manually checking when something was due.

Since implementing Every

Broad Oak Primary School have now been using Every for the past seven months. The benefits the system has provided to the school, and the way it has helped to simplify various processes, is evident in the way the school now manages their compliance and maintenance checks.

‘For a large site like ours with a lot of issues within the building, the issues side of the system has really helped us out in terms of being able to monitor it all. It’s just streamlined everything’

How Every can help you

Our system aims to make your life easier by keeping everything you need in one place. If you find that you are struggling to manage your compliance requirements, or if you are just wanting a system that can centralise all your contracts, documents and tasks, then Every is the perfect solution for you.

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