Personnel operating in a West Midlands primary school were recently exposed to asbestos whilst carrying out work in a classroom. Although the Council and Contractors were successfully prosecuted by the HSE, the fact is that the workers, the school caretaker and the room were exposed to asbestos fibres and face the possibility of adverse health effects in the long term.

This is a real worry for all headteachers.

How do you know those contractors coming on site are qualified and have carried out the relevant checks before beginning work?

Is it enough to assume that the contractors and LA have done it for you and that it’s not your responsibility?

This is where Every offers you real peace of mind and helps you and your team to ensure they are doing their bit to minimise the risk of this happening in your school.

Of course, asbestos is but one of a large number of stress inducing hazards in schools. On top of this there are all the other regular activities that need managing and recording.

Think how less stressful it would be to have an easy-to-use online system that contained a list of all the typical activities along with those particular to your school.

How helpful would it be to receive a weekly email with your activities so you don’t have to remind yourself to remember?

Think how useful it would be to download a checklist so everyone knows what they should be doing.

How handy would it be to have a built in guidance library with summary information on legislation and links to other online resources.

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