Meaning (chiefly of computer software) easy to use and understand.

 Having spent nearly my whole adolescent and adult life involved with software (ever since my parents had the foresight to buy me a BBC Model B Microcomputer back in the 80’s) I have heard the phrase ‘intuitive’ used over and over to describe software. So what does intuitive premises and facilities management software actually mean?

In my view it’s probably one of the most overused and devalued phrases as well. It’s almost become a throw away comment and really undermines what good software is really all about.

For a start intuitive is subjective. What’s easy to use and understand to one user may not be to another. I feel software providers are confusing intuitive with familiar. Now familiar doesn’t mean easy to use or understand it just means easily recognisable and that’s something very different. Just look at mobile phones. Until a certain company brought us a new kind of smart phone a lot of people would have described their phones as intuitive. If you looked at that phone now you’d probably struggle with it.

So what does software that’s really intuitive look like? How does software warrant being described accurately as intuitive?


It needs little or no training. If you look at your software and are confident you can start using it confidently with minimal instruction then you’ve got a good one. Don’t get distracted by all the bells and whistles either. That’s just like the graphic equalisers on the stereos in the 80s and 90s – a mere distraction.

When users view Every for the first time they almost without exception state that it’s very easy to use. Take this testimonial from one of our first clients: 

I guess we could say “minimal computer experience needed” rather than intuitive.

“The system is user friendly, summarises items on a single page and produces reports quickly and easily. There was no long drawn out training. I was up and running after a short telephone conversation and the maintenance team picked it up with no instruction.”

I guess we could say “minimal computer experience needed” rather than intuitive.

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