Inducting new caretakers

Is your site supervisor new to your school or even to site management?

For School Business Managers inducting new caretakers can be a challenge. Have you thought about how best to induct and support them? Those new site members I’ve spoken to tell me it’s a highly rewarding role but challenging. Some of those challenges actually needn’t be facing them at all. The one I’m referring to is the list of activities they are supposed to perform; daily, weekly, etc. During some of the interactive tours I give to newly appointed caretakers, site managers or school business managers it dawns on them that having Every would get them up to speed in a fraction of the time. Even if you think you’re organised with Outlook diaries, tasks, spreadsheets of contracts, etc. don’t underestimate how much effort and time it would take someone new to get their head around your setup and how many times they’ll need to come to you for support.

That’s not to say that you’re not willing or able to support them but in this day and age we all have to box clever, conserve energy, extract every available minute from the day.

So now I’m going to tell you how you can achieve this through Every: the easy to use online premises management system for schools.

Firstly it’s hosted on our secure web servers so there’s nothing to install. You already have everything you need in your computer, browser and modest internet connection. That’s one hassle you don’t have to think about.

Next it comes pre-populated with typical and relevant activities such as PAT, Emergency lighting inspections, Boiler servicing, legionella assessments, etc. All you have to do is select those applicable to your school and tell the system when it was done last. A little bit of tweaking and within half a morning you’re all done.

Finally, simply create their account in about 20 seconds so they can log in themselves and you’re all good to go. You can even book an interactive induction for them and we’ll spend 30 or so minutes with them answering any questions they may have about using it.

To summarise, within a morning say you could have a system ready for your new team member to help them hit the ground running. The first Monday they arrive they’ll receive an email containing the list of activities that need attention. They could log in through that email and see the next three months worth giving them plenty of time to prepare. They could see who you used last and how much they should expect to pay. Along with that they can see a list of current issues as logged by you or your leadership team or even your teachers.

In a nutshell you’ll experience a quicker and cleaner induction, a more effective team member from day one and you’ll be organised! How good would that feeling be?