Leeds Children’s Charity Christmas Present Appeal

Leed’s Children’s Charity has just launched their Christmas Present Appeal for 2020, which we all know has been an incredibly hard year for everyone.

Since its beginnings back in 1904, the charity has provided support and a respite holiday for over 60,000 disadvantaged and socially excluded children from our local region.

In 2017, the holiday centre moved from Silverdale in Lancashire to Lineham Farm in Leeds where it is now a state of the art youth respite centre offering youngsters the chance of a holiday break that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Over the coming months we will be supporting the charity with various events and hopefully, post COVID-19, some great volunteering opportunities for our staff.

How you can help LCC

We need your help to support this initiative and help make Christmas special for families with children who have little or no expectation of opening a gift from Santa on Christmas morning. What better feeling than being able to help bring a little magic to them by donating a gift that is guaranteed to reach a vulnerable child.

  • Dolls / Barbie Dolls (or similar)
  • Action figures
  • Accessories for dolls/action figures (i.e clothes, furniture, vehicles)
  • Small animal toys – farm, zoo, stables
  • Board games
  • Musical instruments
  • Toy cars
  • Car mat (has roads etc on it, to play with small cars on)
  • Creative making kits
  • Construction toys
  • Face paints
  • Arts and craft items
  • Pencils/ crayons/ drawing and colouring books
  • Art sets
  • Pyjamas/onesies for boys and girls (ages 5 to 12)
  • Makeup
  • Young person toiletries sets
  • Hats, gloves, scarves.

**Please do not send in toy weapons**

Having trouble finding a gift? Take a look at the Amazon Wishlist we have put together here.

You can send your gifts to the following address and we will be passing them on to LCC on the 1st of December 2021:

Every Christmas, Regent House, 5 Queen Street, Leeds, LS1 2TW 

If you know of any friends and family who might want to contribute to this initiative please feel free to share this with them. We want to give these children the best Christmas possible!