The Every
Summer School

The Dedicated Event
for MAT Central Teams

Over the next 4 weeks, the Every Summer School is taking MAT central teams on a journey… And you’re invited to join us!

Our experts will be showcasing numerous opportunities for central
teams to streamline internal processes, like:

Recruitment Attendance Management | Policy and Document Distribution | CIF Support

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What is it?

A series of webinar events focussed on key areas of responsibility for MAT central teams.

There’s ample opportunity to share best practice among your fellow MAT central teams, establish supportive relationships, and network!

Why should I take part?

It’s likely that your MAT will soon be expanding, if not already.

The bigger the MAT, the more demand for processes that are:

Standardised | Efficient | Scalable | Effective

Who is it for?
Accounting and Finance Professionals
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Who is it for?
Compliance Officers
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Who is it for?
Estates and Maintenance Managers
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Who is it for?
Human Resources Directors
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Who is it for?
Senior Leaders
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Who is it for?
CEOs, COOs, and CFOs
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Who is it for?
Recruitment Teams
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Who is it for?
School Business Managers
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The Timetable

Making GEMs Guidance Tangible

There’s a lot of theory out there about good estate management, but what does it actually look like in practice?

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30 Days to Improve
Recruitment in
Your Organisation

Is there ever a good time to switch recruitment software? Yes! And it’s NOW!

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How to Strengthen Your Bid for the CIF

Monies rewarded through the CIF must be spent on the project detailed in the approved bid, but getting the funding is the first hurdle!

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Why Upskilling
Staff Needs to be
Your Priority

As leavers become more frequent than starters, it’s easy to focus only on recruitment – what about getting staff to stay in the first place?

Why Track and
Trace Works for
Policy & Document Management

A new academic year brings lots of ‘new’ and plenty of ‘changes’ – and policies and documents are no different!

Are You Managing Staff Absences or Attendance?

Improving attendance starts with assessing reasons behind the absences, requiring a system that comprehensively records and monitors the who, the what, and the why!

Are You Identifying the Right Risks?

More. Whether it’s more staff, more students, more sites, or more assets, as your MAT expands, so too does the scope for risks – but don’t let it send you running!

Compliance Tracking: Systems VS Spreadsheets

Are you fed up of filling out multiple spreadsheets with the same information about compliance tracking? We bet!

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Learn more!

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Holiday Homework!

It wouldn’t be a Summer School without room for extra learning now, would it?

Are you a

Change is key to unlocking both personal and organisational potential.

When preparing to introduce new systems or processes within your MAT, you need Changemakers on your side!

From Trailblazers to Problem Solvers to Innovators, Changemakers come in all different shapes and sizes.

All play a pivotal role in driving improvements, but the big question is:

Which Changemaker type are you?

The Secrets of Successful Software Implementation in Education

You’ll have got the gist by now that we know a thing or two about installing software into MATs.

And, with the list of systems in play growing, we’ve developed a guide that talks and walks you through every step!

Our insight is combined with first-hand experience from MAT central teams that have recently implemented new software.

Get your 360-view of the most effective ways of introducing new systems to staff!

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