In case you missed our latest webinar ‘Introduction to Every HR Absence Management’, have a read of our blog to find out how you can improve and centrally manage your absence policies in a post-lockdown environment by using Every HR.

Throughout this blog we will be looking at a holistic approach to absence management using our cloud-based system and why absence management is crucial in schools, especially as you make your return this September. We will also look into how our customers are preparing to use our system to help manage COVID-19 and a safe return to school.

What is Every HR?

Every HR is about making your day job more manageable through easy to use software and practical support. With our cloud-based software, you can build a consistent approach to managing HR across your organisation. Whether that be through gathering employee information and ensuring you have a comprehensive Single Central Record, to approving and monitoring absences, you can set standards that will be carried across your sites. 

I know the impact of staff absence, but how does this affect my school(s)?

Poor staff attendance has a major impact on the performance of your organisation so it’s crucial to have a system in place to support you with your absence management processes. 

With so many factors and variables to look at, being able to identify trends and reduce absence can seem like a daunting task. With our HR Absence Management module, you can better manage and monitor employee leave and set the standards your school wants to set such as Absence types, whether leave is unpaid and bespoke triggers alerting different users or groups. 

Not only does our absence management system automate the more mundane tasks and reduce admin work, it also provides insights through handy dashboards, calendars and reports.  

Am I able to import historic data from my current MIS?

We know that absences can be stored in a variety of areas such as in your MIS system. Fortunately, our system talks with your MIS as long as it is in a digital format, whether you use SIMS, Arbor or any of the other hundreds of MIS systems out there.  

We can import historic absence data, whether that be kept on spreadsheets. We can help format and import your data into our system.  

Despite this, we understand that with a system like this you are not going to get going on day one. Therefore, we want to help you get all your historic information in to help with any future reporting to your governors or SLT. 

Within the My Portal > My Leave section, staff can quickly see a breakdown of their calendar. They have the ability to request general absence or holiday.  

When a staff member saves a general absence or holiday, this automatically sends the relevant line-manager a request to approve the absence. From here, an audit trail is also created which can be exported at any stage.  

What about Returning to Work and Self Certification forms?

Adding a sickness, one thing that comes up time and time again is the need for being able to track the return to work and self-certification forms.  

Once a sickness has been logged, two documents will then be made available; a Return to Work form and a Self-Certification Form where the user can add more details. This sends a task to the user to ensure they complete the self-certification form as well as notifying the administrator that they need to complete the Return to Work. Once both forms have been completed then the sickness can be signed off which will then add to the audit log.  

Using Every to support you this September

If you would like to learn more about how you can streamline your staff absence management with our Absence Management HR module and our other online HR services, click on the button below to book a demo with a member of our team today at no cost.