Every is ideal for independent schools

Whether your school needs to improve compliance, save money or improve communication, Every can help. As a simple way of effectively managing compliance, saving money on everyday purchases, keeping a track on assets or simply dealing with day to day issues, nothing comes close. The system is so simple and easy to use that anyone in the school can get involved. From cleaners to teachers, from site staff to the leadership team, everyone benefits. You can be reassured your school is on top of their compliance, assets, maintenance and procurement with Every.

Policy & Document Management

Easily distribute documents to your staff to be read and acknowledged. Ensure staff have the current policies, risk assessments or other documents. Staff have their own dashboard to view documents that need to be read and acknowledged. Automated reminders of documents that are approaching their review date.

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Version Control

Manage the versioning and approval of essential documents. Distribute the document to key approval members for comment prior to distribution.


Distribute documents to staff members individually or through groups. Keep a track of those documents that have been read and acknowledge by which staff member.


Ensure the correct document is up-to-date and is the current version in use. Publish key policies to the school website automatically. Easy to read dashboard on the distribution statistics of documents.

Business management

Whether you're smaller preparatory school with less than 50 pupils or a large 1,000 pupil establishment with boarding facilities, Every has something to offer you with modules that cover the key areas of operational management. Business Management is ideal for managing contracts, compliance and issues. Get organised with everything in one place and a dedicated dashboard that provides you with transparency across all your key activities.

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Activities & Compliance

Manage all your compliance tasks, risk assessments and policy reviews. The summary dashboard provides a three month horizon and with the weekly automated alerts you'll be hard pressed to miss anything. Also, in a click of button you can download reports for inspectors and governor meetings.

Contracts Register

Simply record the start, end and notice dates to create a notifications list of the key dates. You can upload your contract documents so everything's in one place. Quickly create a payment profile that's useful for budgeting and automated alerts give you ample time to serve notice and avoid roll overs.

Issues & Helpdesk

Reduce those unproductive corridor interruptions with a simple logging screen for teachers and support staff. Key staff receive automated alerts depending on the type of issue logged and the automated audit trail tracks the response so everyone knows how the issue is being progressed. A record of historic issues is useful for trending, identifying those repetitive, disruptive problems.

Asset management

Whether it’s keeping track of furniture, IT equipment or gym equipment, we know asset management can be a bit of a chore. Our system doesn’t just give you an easier way to maintain your asset register; it forecasts your replacements, works out depreciation in seconds and creates reports for your disposals all at the click of a button. Replace those cumbersome spreadsheets with Every Asset Management.

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Move on from spreadsheets

Import your data from spreadsheets or another system using our simple MS Excel template. Attach photos, videos and other documents to your assets for easier identification. View value of assets held at different sites, or by different departments or by asset type.

Simpler auditting

Tag assets (you may even be able to use your existing tags) and use our App to monitor movements or add new assets on the go. There's no complicated device to get to grips with - simply scan your tagged assets from your smartphone or tablet. Move groups of assets to another department or location in seconds. Automated audit trail shows the lifecycle of assets from entry to disposal.

Alerts & Reports

The simple dashboard shows key information including upcoming replacements, asset counts and values. View and download additions and disposals reports for governors and auditors, depreciation reports for accounts and renewal reports for budgeting. Make more informed and timely decisions with Every Asset Management.

Request for quotes

Find new suppliers and get your three quotes without the hassle of unwanted sales calls. You could save thousands each year on everyday purchases and be confident that you've achieved best value for your school.

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Request in seconds

It's simple - enter what you need a quote for, how many and when. Sit back and let the system do the rest. Your request is broadcast to our national supplier database whilst you remain anonymous eliminating those disruptive sales calls. You can even message the suppliers (anonymously if you like) with questions and view details of their quotes online. Don't feel bad about saying 'thanks, but no thanks' either; you can just click a button to notify the unsuccessful suppliers anonymously.

Audit & best value

With each supplier quote recorded you can benchmark your current provider to be sure you're getting best value. As an Every customer you also get access to unique deals offered by suppliers. With your requests all in one place you can quickly see if new quotes are higher or lower than previous purchases.

National database of suppliers

Every has the largest database of education suppliers and with schools uploading, reviewing and sharing their suppliers every week you can be sure you have access to the most relevant and up to date register. Search for suppliers by name or trade and view other school reviews.

Everyone benefits with Every...

Whether you're a small 50 pupil primary or a large 1,000 pupil establishment the Every system has something to offer you. Every has modules that cover the key areas of operational management in your school. Business Management includes modules for managing contracts, compliance and issues. Asset Management helps you keep on top of your assets and plan for replacement kit or reduce your insurance premiums. Request for Quotes is all about getting best value from competing suppliers in a very short time for minimal effort.

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Business Manager/Facilities Manager

The Every systems were designed with school business and facilities managers in mind. It’s all about making your busy day easier and noticeably improving results. Your role encompasses so much, from finance to facilities. With a three-month horizon of upcoming activities, email reminders and alerts when issues have been assigned or updated, you stay in control. Your team know what they’re doing and when they’re doing it, allowing you to focus your limited time on more important things. Certificates, photos, quotes, supplier contacts can all be uploaded, stored and accessed whenever you need them. As well as this, prove your capability to heads, governors and inspectors with instant reports on everything from reactive maintenance to your contracts expenditure.

Site teams

The unsung heroes of schools, a lot of the work site staff carry out is invisible but with Every the profile of the site team is raised and enhanced. Reduce those inconvenient corridor conversations by viewing all issues that have been logged in one place, making it easy to prioritise jobs. Add notes or a photo to let your colleagues know what was done and when. No job is forgotten with automated alerts means you don't miss anything. Don’t use a computer? No problem. Lists of daily or weekly jobs allocated to you can be printed for you to tick off and your office team can update the system in minutes. Site managers say is buys them more time on jobs, priceless!


Teachers are focussed, rightly, on the classroom so sending a pupil out of class to report a problem to the Business Manager, or grabbing the one of the site team in a corridor, or remembering to write in the log book in the staffroom isn't an efficient way of logging a problem. With Every a teacher can log the problem from the classroom in seconds either on their computer or a mobile device. Teachers, if they wish, can receive alerts on their issues so they're kept in the loop.

Head teachers/principals

We know that you would rather be focusing on quality teaching and learning in your school, not premises and operational management. Helping your support staff to manage things better can make all the difference to their and your working day. Empower and support your business manager and site staff with Every. It offers the reassurance and oversight whilst enabling you to delegate easily to your support team. As head teacher, you can log-in whenever you need, accessing key information from home, work or from your mobile device. We believe that a great learning environment leads to better opportunities for children.


Governors are increasingly responsible for the overall effectiveness of the school including the Health & Safety aspects. With Every, Governors can be reassured that the fundamentals of the operation of the school are well run. Schools can evidence their compliance and management of risk along with the financial management of the maintenance. Easy to produce reports, in a consistent format, make it easier for governors to see progress on compliance tasks, recurring problems that may require capital investment, or a list of quotes from the Request for Quotes module for a large purchase.

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