The only end-to-end Compliance tracker on the market.

Trust Compliance Manager

Many MATs we work with used to spend days producing spreadsheets that assessed the state of compliance across their schools. Now, with our real-time RAG rated dashboard, this takes seconds!

End-to-end compliance tracking is only available from Every. Schools are using our simple smartphone Apps to complete tasks whilst the Trust compliance officer is viewing the state of compliance, in real-time, across a broad cross-section of areas from HR, through to H&S and Governance.

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Distribute Activities

Using the Compliance Manager you are able to distribute activities across to all your schools enabling implementation of the Every system across multiple schools within minutes.

Increased Transparency

It will also help you identify where you might need to allocate extra resources and which schools are excelling within your trust.

Trust-Wide Standards

Every Compliance Manager enables you to set your compliance standards at Trust level.

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