Edition 2 is coming soon!

In the meantime, check out what we explored in our debut edition from February.

Contents of debut edition of Every Matters magazine

In our debut issue, we look at the journey education’s been on in the last 12 years as the sector academises.

We start with a focus on change management, a fundamental component of establishing new, leaner ways of working in organisations, before diving into best practice for staff absence management. Looking at current industrial strikes, we consider how schools and MATs can respond to, and log, absences at scale.

We then reflect on last September’s KCSIE guidance that introduced online searches during the shortlisting process, giving you a guide to refresh your knowledge and answer some of the most common questions about the change!

This edition includes a number of other free resources, ranging from our Changemaker’s Quiz to access to one of our CPD-accredited e-learning courses: Professional Conduct in Schools.

Finally, we reflect on our very own journey. Though it spans 3, not 12, years, we’ve managed to pack a lot into our HR offering!

Learn more about how schools and MATs use our HR software to streamline their HR activities!