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How to Relieve Some of the Pressures of January Vacancies!

New year, same recruitment struggles? We know that school recruitment’s never quiet, and in January, it’s typically busier than usual!

Join Adam as he demonstrates how to shorten the gap between open vacancies and new starters, reduce the disruption of an empty role, and enhance your organisation’s reputation.

Friday 20th January

10am to 11am

Relieve some of the pressure of the rush to fill vacancies and with an end-to-end recruitment cycle that fills the gaps for you.

How to Regain Control Over Staff Absences

Do you see a surge in staff absences on
Friday 13th? Short term absences are disruptive to learning and affect staff morale, and aren’t necessarily associated with the superstitious among us!

From why single day absences are as important as long term sickness to identifying absence trends, learn how to make 2023 the year for improved staff absences!

Friday 13th January

10am to 11am

Ensure staff attendance gets off on the right foot this year by joining Adam Watson’s first webinar of 2023!

How to Prioritise and Control Spending at Your School Site, in Collaboration With SBS

If your budget feels disconnected from the rest of your systems, then this one’s for you!

We’ll be addressing the challenges the past few months have posed to School and Trust financials, from changing priorities to forecasting (and re-forecasting) expenditure.

Friday 11th November

9.30am to 10.30am

Join us for an hour of insightful conversation with Helen Dowsett, Senior Account Manager at School Business Services (SBS), to explore how you can regain control over your budgets.

How Can We Help You Boss Your Budget?

Experience-led webinars that inform and address on the most realistic ways you can counteract increasing costs

Hosting conversations with professionals in your shoes facing similar problems, sharing how they’re looking to overcome them

Collaborating with the likes of School Business Services to recommend best practice and provide support in the current climate

Trust Capacity Fund

What you need to know!

This competitive grant fund is available to help Trusts develop their capacity to grow.

The Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF) focusses particularly on supporting strong Trusts and strong Schools forming Trusts to take on underperforming Schools in education investment areas (EIAs).

Which projects are eligible with the TCaF?

Applications must be linked clearly to a defined growth project to be approved by a Regional Direction between 1st July 2022 and 16th December 2022, committing you to either:

Taking at least 1 new school into your Trust by 31st March 2024


Converting to academy status and taking on at least 2 new schools (with all schools to be taken into your Trust by 31st March 2024)

How are TCaF grants arranged?

There are three strands of grants available for window 2 of TCaF 2022-2023.

What activities are eligible with the TCaF?

TCaF-funded activities must focus on strengthening your Trusts’ central capacity, not improving individual schools.

Activities must be completed by 31st March 2023 and have started no earlier than 1st July 2022.

Helping Schools and Trusts to centralise their processes is our bread-and-butter.

So, if your Trust is looking to grow, learn which eligible activities our HR and compliance management solutions can support you with!

New central processes, like HR
As your Trust expands, so too does your need to centralise employee management.

More staff means more information to collect, organise, and action. Imagine being able to do this from one place!

Whether you're hiring, managing absences, preparing for performance reviews, or building culture, Every HR unites all people-management activities in one central dashboard.

Meaning, you've got the insight you need to make more informed, strategic, and proactive decisions to successfully achieve your Trust's goals and objectives!
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Staff training and CPD
Continually upskilling your School staff benefits both your entire workforce and organisation, especially during challenging times for retention and recruitment.

With an attractive and organised CPD programme where employees and managers can view progress in real-time, continuous learning is super-charged. Helping you to equip your staff with the right tools, knowledge, and support they need for their roles.

Our Training & CPD module unites all training and CPD activities in one place, making employee access to courses simple, and managerial tracking of training visual.

Automated alerts relating to course progress help drive completion rates, and your Trust's own courses and CPD events can be uploaded to support targeted training!
Learn more
New staffing posts for the Central Trust team
Once you've determined the roles you need to support your expanding Trust, it's time to recruit!

In a competitive recruitment landscape, your Trust needs to be quick off the mark to:

Approve vacancies | Post adverts | Review applications | Process screening questions | Set up interviews | Offer and onboard successful candidates

That's a lot of activities to organise and track! Let us help you significantly reduce the amount of admin involved by giving you the power to manage all key processes from one place.

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The Changemakers Guide

Challenging times call for difficult decisions that usually result in change.

Change to financial forecasts.

Change to job descriptions.

Change to internal processes.

To make change as positive as possible, it’s important to recognise the different responses colleagues have to change.

Learn about the types of Changemaker in your School or Trust to promote personal and organisational potential!

Secrets of Successful Software Implemntation

Which systems do you have in play for managing your budgets?

Are they more of a help or hindrance?

Do you have confidence in the decisions that you’re making?

One of the best ways to ensure you’re minimising any cost challenges is having a business management solutions that works with the nuances of your School or Trust.

Check how your current system stacks up by using our guide to carry out a software audit!

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