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Policies & Documents

Easily distribute documents to your staff to be read and acknowledged. Ensure staff have the current policies, risk assessments or other documents. Staff have their own dashboard to view documents that need to be read and acknowledged. Automated reminders of documents that are approaching their review date.

Asset Management

This module covers fixed as well as IT and furniture assets. It will calculate your depreciation as well as highlighting upcoming equipment renewals. There's a free complimentary smartphone App and we'll take you through how tagging your assets can help with effective auditing.

Business Management

This module covers contracts management, compliance, risk assessments and policies, as well as issue management. Avoid automatic roll overs, be compliant with H&S and be more efficient at managing your site.

Trust Compliance Manager

End-to-end compliance tracking is only available from Every. Schools are using our simple smartphone Apps to complete tasks whilst the Trust compliance officer is viewing the state of compliance, in real-time, across a broad cross-section of areas from HR, through to H&S and Governance.

Risk Management

The Risk management module allows the user to record, assess, manage, and report on strategic and operational risk across your organisation. Every provides a single integrated tool that allows operational tasks to inform the status of the risk, i.e. a user can update a task on the smartphone app and the corresponding risk is automatically updated.

Incident Reporting

As an optional module of the Every Compliance Management solution, Incident and accident reporting is an easy to use, online system that simplifies and improves the procedures for reporting incidents and accidents.

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