Global Asbestos Awareness Week (GAAW) is dedicated to educating people about their asbestos risk and how to manage it in order to prevent asbestos-caused diseases. When it comes to asbestos, knowledge truly is power and this week is about empowering and equipping people to protect themselves.

As you might be aware, The Education & Skills Funding Agency will be asking all MATs and SATs to provide detailed information about the awareness and management of asbestos in their academies.

Take a couple of minutes to think about how easily you would be able to answer and provide evidence to the following questions:

• Who in your organisation has read the department’s guidance on Asbestos Management in Schools?

• Did you commission a management survey to highlight the location of Asbestos-containing Materials?

• Do you have an asbestos management plan for your school?

• Have you assessed the potential risk from Asbestos-containing Materials for your school estate?

• Do you regularly review how to manage the risks from any Asbestos-containing Materials for your school? When did you last conduct a review?

• Are precautions in place to ensure anyone who may disturb Asbestos-containing Materials is provided with information about any asbestos present?

• What training have your in-house school staff completed? Can you prove this?

Take a look at this handy guide provided by The Education & Skills Funding Agency, which provides advice on how to responsibly manage asbestos in your school.


Every provides a range of products and services that will not only help you prepare for, but also demonstrate your compliance.

• Assign asbestos awareness e-Learning courses to staff members

• Manage asbestos surveys with the activities system

• Log asbestos related issues and keep on top of progress

• Distribute risk assessments and management plans to staff for reading and acknowledging

• Our risk management module allows you to analyse the risk associated with asbestos and identify measures to reduce this

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