Manage your policies, risk assessments and other important documents with

Every Policies & Documents Module

Document management

Easily distribute documents to your staff to be read and acknowledged. Ensure staff have the current policies, risk assessments or other documents. Staff have their own dashboard to view documents that need to be read and acknowledged. Automated reminders of documents that are approaching their review date.

Policy summary

Documents module

Upload and manage critical documents that need to be version controlled, approved and distributed to staff across your organisation. Replace the traditional paper and email system and ensure you only have the current version of a policy in distribution.

Version Control

Manage the versioning and approval of essential documents. Distribute the document to key approval members for comment prior to distribution. Link to Google Docs for real-time editing.


Distribute documents to staff members individually or through groups. Keep a track of those documents that have been read and acknowledge by which staff member.


Ensure the correct document is up-to-date and is the current version in use. Publish key policies to the school website automatically. Easy to read dashboard on the distribution statistics of documents.

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