Manage your contracts, compliance and helpdesk with Every Business Management

Business management

Manage your contracts, compliance and helpdesk with Every Business Management. Whether you're a small special school or a multi academy trust with over 50 schools, Every has something to offer you. With modules that manage the key areas of school operations, we've got it all covered. Business Management is ideal for managing contracts, compliance and issues. If you're a single school, get organised with everything in one place and if you're a trust, there's a dedicated dashboard that provides you with transparency across all your schools.

Contracts Register

Simply record the start, end and notice dates to create a notifications list of the key dates. You can upload your contract documents so everything's in one place. Quickly create a payment profile that's useful for budgeting and automated alerts give you ample time to serve notice and avoid roll overs.

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Prevent expensive rollovers

With the pressures on school budgets you can ill afford to forget those notice dates that mean the school is committed to a contract longer than it needs to. Every will alert you with plenty of time that an important date is approaching so you can serve notice in time, putting you in control.

Upload your contract documents

Not all contracts are the same meaning they are likely to have differing notice periods and ways in which to serve notice. It can be very confusing. So upload your documents and enter key notes so you know exactly what to do and when.

Everything in one place

With Every you have the key dates and information on your contracts, with contract documents, notes, payment profile and an audit trail all in one place. As the system is web based you can access this information securely from any computer with an internet connection and browser.

Activities & Compliance

Manage all your compliance tasks, risk assessments and policy reviews. The summary dashboard provides a three month horizon and with the weekly automated alerts you'll be hard pressed to miss anything. Also, in a click of button you can download reports for inspectors and governor meetings.

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Over 100 compliance templates

In Every there is over 100 templates common to schools like yours. Simply select the relevant activities, enter the next due date and the system will remind you each time it's due. There is also guidance notes associated with key activities.

Automated reminders

Each Monday morning you'll receive an email alert telling you which activities are due soon. As well as this there is a dashboard summary for those activities overdue, due in the next four weeks and those due in three months. With Every, you'll be well placed not to miss a thing.

Upload certificates and documents

Evidence, evidence, evidence. It's a word schools know all too well. Upload your certificates and reports to Every and you can prove to auditors and inspectors that you're on top of your premises, keeping your children safe, warm and dry.

Issues & Helpdesk

Reduce those unproductive corridor interruptions with a simple logging screen for teachers and support staff. Key staff receive automated alerts depending on the type of issue logged and the automated audit trail tracks the response so everyone knows how the issue is being progressed. A record of historic issues is useful for trending, identifying those repetitive, disruptive problems.

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Manage issues centrally

Replace that staff room handbook with a simple webpage accessible from a click on the PC. All issues, queries and problems are logged into one central register so you know exactly what's being asked of your site team. With the audit trail you'll always know who's doing what and what needs to be done next on the issue.

Mobile friendly

With the mobile website issues can be logged, viewed, updated and closed from any smartphone/tablet with an internet connection. This means your site team can be truly mobile and not tied to a PC.

Reduce corridor interruptions

Over 75% of users registered in Every are teachers logging issues. It's far more convenient for them to enter the issue on their mobile device or computer rather than emailing the office, ringing through, sending a pupil from class or simply catching the site team in the corridor.

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